Saturday, June 13, 2009


He slammed the door and headed down the staircases, voices of anger and rage screaming decibels in his head. He had been smacked around too much, fortunately it was always done in the nicest of ways, yet absence of attention could cut as deep as any wound. He begins to make that long walk home, it felt like a goddamn fire eating at him. As painful as it was there was still a sense of liberation.

She made him feel unwanted, he just made sure to repay the favor, and with interest. He continued to replay the argument over and over again; not once did he feel guilty, not once did he feel angry at himself for the cruel and malicious words which spewed out of his mouth bringing her to tears.

He gambled a lot away on this relationship, he had trusted in her completely and she could still never recognize and respect this fact; he was there for her because he wanted to be, and quite frankly she needed it.

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