Saturday, June 13, 2009

It’s Only Time

Years had gone by, the two had parted ways, essentially letting go of any anger or pent up frustrations. She had left to see the world, a task that had originally been left up for him. In her absence he did what he could to make it through each day. After several years it did begin to get easier, but there was an undeniable connection the two had shared, no matter how brief of a period they had together.

By no means was he failure, he had just gotten so off track with the goals he had originally intended that he created new ones. He opened a climbing shop in a mountain town; luckily it did well by itself because he had never learned anything about climbing. For some reason he had decided to name his shop after her, it made him feel better that way, as if he could someway always be connected.

She came back years later, some random spring day. Walking the streets she once called home, she came across the shop. As she went in she began to see the pictures on the wall, all the kids he had help teach to climb throughout the years adorned the fixtures. She saw him, he was sizing up a few kids for gear when she caught his attention, and a smile.

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