Saturday, June 13, 2009

Act Nice and Gentle

Summer wasn’t a season known in these parts. Aside from the occasional rainstorm the weather had always been ideal, sun out, flowers in perpetual constant bloom, fruit always falling from the trees.

Beth was your quintessential city girl, she has fought to make it out of this town, of by fought, married out was also acceptable. She had left too quickly in a Coupe Deville with a man 15 years her senior; a wily salesman who pitched her freedom that no one else could’ve dared to fathom. He was a developer from the city, and promised her a lavish life that she only could relate to on the Silver Screen.

Cal was the gem of the town; he had a way with words, but only when accompanied by a guitar. He lived several miles out, alone, just he and his two dogs. He made his living selling rocking chairs to sucker tourists.

Beth had always sought Cal, unfortunately her was too oblivious to pick-up on this fact.

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