Saturday, June 13, 2009

One By One

The rain falls serenely through the leaves, the tepid afternoon had quickly turned cold. Jake had always enjoyed the cleansing that came with the rain, the smell of the pine trees, the sight of the mountains swathed by a gloomy fog. There was something comforting about the weather; he had locked himself inside for several weeks now, but with the falling rain he could take solace in knowing he wasn’t really alone.

He sat at the edge of his bed, pen in hand, notebook on lap, each word was difficult to put down; he had so much he wanted to say, if only given the chance but he knew it was a futile matter. Though she may be inconsistent on her feelings, and indiscernible in what she had always wanted he knew slowly but surely that there was a difference this time. One by one the words she had said to him began to come together. She was done, she was ready, and though it was a drastic switch from day to night, he had had to accept this unfortunate fact… what other choice had he?

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