Saturday, June 13, 2009

The First Song

The windows were rolled down, and the sun was setting in the rearview mirror. Sunsets in the dessert were something exceptionally impressive. It feels as if you’re on a different planet completely. The colors saturate the sky with contrast that is often left out in a night-line cityscape. The air was warm as it billowed through the gaping absence left by the rolled down windows the two had been driving for a several hours, looking for a campsite that had to exist, but at this point they had lost all concern for that. They were content living in the moment with one another. He went to turn the stereo up louder; she went to reach for his hand... He looked as her tiny fingers wrapped around his paw, making a fluttering feeling inside.

There was a sense of security and warmth in this moment. He was safe, and so was she. It was something that they could do for each other, something that no one else was able to do for them before. She turned the radio up louder and began to sing along with the words that echoed from the speakers in the car. He couldn’t help but turn and watch. A smile as big as any he’s ever had stretched wide across his face.

The moon began to break above the horizon, centered perfectly along the road they were driving, it was a surreal moment taken right out of some epic maritime voyage. They sailed in a dessert sea, the aroma of sage and honey, seemed to be everywhere they went. Everything about the moment was sweet, everything about that moment was something that could only be found in a Monet, yet here they were sharing it together.

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