Saturday, June 13, 2009

Split Screen Sadness

She began to leave his house, the silence that had fallen between them was deafening, and it was too much for either of them to stand. She found her only assurance in escaping the situation; he fell to his side and wished for the moment to pass.

She scurried down the stairs trying to fight back the tears that felt as if they were about to come pour over from her eyes, he fought the urge to tear a hole in every wall he could see. How could he let her go? How could he let her walk out the door without letting her know how he really felt? He had told her how upset he was, how he felt abandoned, neglected, but he also felt her love, her care her compassion; these were things that he knew weren’t easily found. He looked out his window, she had already made her way to her car; it was taking an unusually long time for her to get her keys out.

He had a few choices, he could call out the window for her to wait, he could climb the roof and jump that short ten feet down, or he could bolt down the stairs, and hope to head her off before she left. Of course he opted for the safest option.

He took one step on to the roof, and immediately began to question his decision. He rushed to the edge, took a breath, and let himself slip down. He fell to the pavement below, not registering the pain his ankles had to endure; rushing to the door he opened it, slowly, cautiously.

-I call just to feel you on the other line... I wait for your argument and words because you’re the only one I want to ever fight with. I love you, and I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but maybe... Maybe this time it could be ok.

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