Saturday, June 13, 2009

Childhood of Playful Heart

The summer had brought a new sense of life to them. It had been what they anticipated ever so patiently. The way things were going they were surely heading towards a violent twist, but having the warm summer to caress them, to care for them, they realized the beauty in what was around them, which ultimately included each other.

Grace: Is there where you want to be?
Steve: What do you mean?
Grace: I mean given the opportunity to be anywhere, with anyone, would you still choose here… now.
Steve: How can you ask me that?
Grace: Well we’ve had our rocky points, and I guess I wouldn’t be too surprised…
Steve: Too surprised if what? If I wanted to be with someone else? Darlin, there’s a reason I’m here, that I’m always here. It’s because I want to be, there’s no other way to say it.
Grace: Even after everything?
Steve: After everything, I want to be here even more.
Grace: Some would call you a fool.
Steve: Only to my own follies.
Grace: I’ve never been referred to as a “follie” before.

He stops to look at her. It was these responses that he seemed to live for. These were the moments that drove him mad for her. The innocence in wanting to know where she stood, in wanting to know why, after everything, he would still be next to her. It was never a question in his mind, he woke up with her on his mind, and if she was right next to him, she was the last thing he thought of before he went to sleep. Maybe it was unhealthy to have such an undying devotion for someone at such a young age, to believe everything will be alright, but that’s what he loved in himself, and that’s what she loved in him.

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