Saturday, June 13, 2009

On the Way to the Club

He walked the long road down the street. The sun had set hours ago but the moon had still not come up over the houses. It was dark, and the stars did little to light up his path. He took his punch out and rolled a cigarette… damn, no light. He saw a couple walking towards him, it was a safe bet one of them had some form of fire on them. He quickened his pace slightly, whether it was the exigent need for more nicotine or an unplaced desire for instant human contact he really couldn’t tell.

As the two approached, he could see that it wasn’t a couple in the traditional sense, rather a very attractive blonde and an androgynous brunette, who up close was nothing short of a knockout. Not one body part seemed to be free from some glow in the dark accessory. It wasn’t peculiar if you lived a lifestyle over the declared counter-culture. They were on something, and he was intrigued even further.

-I hate to bother you ladies, but would you happen to have a light?
Blonde- Is that a jay?
-Unfortunately not.

He smiled at such a cavalier inquiry, only here would people be brash enough to both assume and openly smoke a joint in public.

Brunette- Ah to bad, we could use something to even us out.

Knowing full well his proximity to his house, he had no other option but to present the offer.
-Well ladies give unto others right? Would you care to escort me back to my Emerald City?
They each grab one of his arms, giggling like the schoolgirls they were dressed as, and both surprisingly nestle their heads into his shoulders. He smiles knowing full well what he just did.

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