Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maybe Not

She laid in her bed, the man she had just met lying next to her. She craved that companionship, that innate need and desire to feel wanted. The silhouette from the lamp across the room danced across the walls and with it, created malicious and sinister figures. She looked over her shoulder and grew afraid. She didn’t know him, nor did she care for him, it was a quick and regrettable decision to not go to sleep alone, again. Was it easier to stop the pain with an occasional “john,” she figured “he” was doing it too.

She opened the drawer next to the bed; in it were memories too valuable to just toss out. Pictures from what seemed like a far off place. They were both happy in them… That’s because they were both happy. Each memento of sentimentality cut deep; she tossed them back into the drawer and retreated to the hopeful comfort of her pillow… too bad the man next to her had already stole it away from her, something she knew “he” would never do.

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