Saturday, June 13, 2009

Help Me

That cold walk began to change quickly. The sun started to break over the edge of the bay, slowly gleaming through the buildings that blocked it out like overbearing sentries. His disgust and anguish quickly turned to anger. This was yet another call out for attention, but how much more attention could he give her? She had told him to go. To find someone else and as soon as he did she would begin these overtly dramatic acts all over again. He had fallen for it too many times before; he would come in, find the bottle of pills half spilled over on her bed stand table… She’s just there mumbling her apology for the state of affairs; however he couldn’t decipher if it was for the failed attempt, or the pain she’s put him through.

She lied to him, or at least the next big thing. She had taught him that omission of the full story was just as good as a lie; it was a game they had both became experts in. This was the unfortunate state that should really be apologized for.

He had always gone over, hoping, damn near praying, for some reversion back to the relationship they had. There was never any other reason why he would continue to go back to her. It was his own stupidity, and ideals that prolonged his faith in humanity, more specifically her. He wanted to believe so strongly in her potential to change, to grow pass these cries, but there wasn’t enough time or reason that he could a lot her for this to become a reality. She was out of her mind; her reality had shifted to something tragically untrue.

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