Friday, July 3, 2009

Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood

This was such a different world to him, and yet at the same time it was everything he had experienced before. How could he feel so different? His mind was rushing, one idea after the other, with little to no explanation as to how. He had always been taught that these “substances” were dangerous, foolish… well if this was how foolish felt he was content on becoming the court jester.

It was a different experience to be a wallflower; normally he would feel awkward to stand in a corner and watch everyone live there life, he’d feel inadequate for not participating in the common social rituals of conversation. As he watched however, he began to see the ridiculous nature of the people he began to surround himself with; the same drone and uninteresting conversations, people complaining about the same professors, the same jobs. This amused him, and it became more entertaining to live in his own thought than it was to try and convey them to anyone else. And why should he? It’s not as if anyone else would understand.

He began to walk through the crowd, watching all the guys pick up on the same girls as they always did, getting shot down as usual. How had he never seen this before? How had he been so blind to the obvious ridiculousness of the social inadequacies that seemed to be shared by everyone else? He had been so consumed with his own self that he had never attempted to look outside his shell. Who knew it would be something he had been conditioned to fear, that would inevitably bring some understanding to his world.

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