Friday, July 3, 2009

An Actor’s Revenge

It was in this moment that he realized how the situation had been orchestrated at her hands. He had been a marionette and she was controlling the strings the entire time. It was alarming that someone could have the ability, and the potential to do that to anyone let alone someone they had professed they supposed undying love to.
“It’s time for me to seek my revenge.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well I’m not saying that I’m going to snap and look for my way to repay the pain back ten-fold… no nothing like that, but I do feel like it’s time for me to shed some light on this awful situation, otherwise it’s a hell that’s going to be recreated for some other poor bastard.”
“Okay, say that you can shed some light on the situation, do you think, knowing that she’s someone capable of acts like this, she’s just going to accept whatever it is you’re going to do or say?”
“You’re right… this calls for something different, something completely new… something overtly drastic.”
“Drastic? Are you fucking kidding me?”
“Think about it this way man, if there’s a hornet’s nest above your doorway, do you toss rocks at it, hoping for it to come down, and for them to leave you alone?”
“See that’s what I’m saying…”
“With things like hornets you have to smoke them out.”
“Yeah she was always one fond of being smoked out.” Tyler looks down, kicking the rocks that were right under his feet, and quietly mumbles to himself, “she’s a leech, not a person.”

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