Friday, July 3, 2009

Army Corps of Architects

She walked down the platform towards her compartment. She began to bask in an increasing sense of freedom, with each step she got further away from the parents that had seemed to turn their backs on her, from the friends that had left her to her own devices, from him who hadn’t enough decency to care for her in the slightest when she fell into that dark world. She was off to find somewhere that was hers; somewhere she could start feeling comfortable.

She knew she had every right to be scared, she was leaving everything she knew… she wondered why she wasn’t more scared, she grew worried in trying to explain her inability to place any anxiety to this drastic transition.

She stepped on to the train, and paused to take a look on the city she had called home for her whole life—she decided against it, there was no need; to date it had yet given anything to her aside from pain and anguish, why should she feel force to honor it with any respect. She walked through the aisles to a quite compartment. Brushing off her overcoat, and shaking the rain off the umbrella she stored her bag on the overhead, and sat against the window. That fear, that anxiety, slowly started to grow inside her, as the train began to move along the tracks. What had she done? She was leaving everything she knew behind. She went to get up and run off the train, jump out if need be, but this is what she wanted, this is what she had craved for so long. She was on her way to become an architect of her own happiness.

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