Friday, July 3, 2009

Open Your Arms

He got up from the water’s edge, and began to walk towards the wall or stone that made up the dam. Like a child he began to climb the rocks, dance across them, from one to the other, hoping not to fall over. He was able to escape his thoughts in these few moments, arms stretched out to his sides to keep his balance, he made it from one to the next.
As he got to the top, he walked across the top; putting his hands into his pockets he began to make his way to the odd monument that hung over the lake below. He climbed pass the fence that had a rusted “no trespassing” sign bolted to its front. Those few steps to the edge were a chore to him, each one requiring more work than the last, each one impossibly hard.

He climbed up the edge, and looking down he had only one thought… Jump. Was he too much a coward to take that leap, or would it be cowardice to follow through? Instead he stretches his arms out once more, and lets the wind blow through him. He wanted the thoughts that began to torment his days to float off with the passing gust, but this would be too easy; instead they came back to him, rushing all at once. Their voices screaming loud for his attention, fighting not to be ignored, as if he could if he wanted to, who was he kidding; he didn’t have the strength to ignore them.
He looked up to the sky; it had become dark, too soon. The stars poked through like pinholes in a burning lavender blanket. The wind grew stronger, and as it flowed underneath his open arms, he began to feel a feeling of weightlessness. He had begun to be lifted off the edge, all he could see was the water waiting for him below. Instead of bracing for its impact he kept his arms out open to welcome.

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