Friday, July 3, 2009

Such a Lovely Thing

And in that second he realizes it… It had been one big joke, and he was the standing punch line. She had orchestrated this entire situation, fabricated from that heinous mind, knowing full well the implications and possibilities for pain and anguish; she didn’t care, in fact she had hoped for this result. Why? For what reason had she believed it would benefit her? It didn’t really matter, she wasn’t someone that needed cause or reason, yet she was someone that just wanted to throw a wrench into the works, just to see what would happen. It’s how she kept entertained.

He felt sick, it was a pain that he couldn’t understand, his stomach churned, end over end it began tying itself into knots, beating itself inside his body. He lost the strength to stand, a myriad of noise and sound began to play in his head. He had been the center of some carnival joke; he had been made into a clown.

That moment of realization, when you understand in depth how ridiculous you had been to trust in a person completely, it can be the most embarrassing feeling. All the stories he had shared with her, the moments where he left himself completely vulnerable—he was ashamed of it all. He acted under the auspice of an unwavering, powerful love… She operated under the intent of “get what you can, and get out.” Well she did indeed get a fair amount; he had given her everything hoping she wouldn’t stop, she wouldn’t stop loving him, because in that moment, when she had, his world stopped, and everything came pummeling down on top of him.

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