Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love Dog

The road ends…

He doesn’t know where he is, there’s just a cliff, perched over a canyon he’d never seen before.

The moon hangs low over the mountains on the other side. He breathes the sweet sage in the air… its warm; it fills his lungs up—slowly creeping into every part of him. He looks up the stars… the air continues to fill him up…“HALLEJUAH!” he cries out in a loud howl. He hits the ground hard, falling straight to his knees, his palms digging into the sand around; it’s not a weakness he’s succumbed to, but rather an overpowering sense of liberation that is justifiably too much for him to stand.

He feels a surge flow through him; it was the weight of his world slowly leaving, freeing him. It sends a shiver down to his bones. It’s in this moment he would ever feel the most alive, it’s in this moment he knew he was alive.

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