Sunday, March 7, 2010


Within himself he begins the process…
If every action has a reaction, why couldn’t I get hers? I stare the night sky down in an attempt to find a place in its endless blanket… For those moments of complete insignificance there’s a freedom, a freedom to let everything go, and fall in line with the movements of the world around. There’s little explanation or understanding as to how this situation seems to stay ever so present within my thoughts; when does it just naturally fade away?

No amount of pleasure had subdued the pain; it’s almost comical how powerful the mind can be. Despite any effort to sway or push differing thoughts, if it’s against the consciousness’ will, then it surely won’t happen. Is this supposed to be taken as a sign?

Nothing is as special as this… deconstruction of thought is too powerful a process to ignore. In trying to understand the inability to sway thoughts that torment, it’s easier to pinpoint and focus in on the defects which cause them to arise originally.

If I’m dreaming of you, and you’re dreaming me why don’t we choose a different story…? I guess because not everything’s supposed to end the way we envision. It’s the world’s way of reclaiming control and claiming its dominance over us. Uncertainty and chaos in action reign supreme, the sooner we understand that, the sooner we can find beauty in the breakdown. In reality it the thought progresses as I may want you, but you don’t want me, so why wouldn’t it be better to leave?

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