Thursday, June 4, 2009

Richest Man In Babylon

He sat in a cliche bar overlooking the ebbing tides. Only in his dreams had he ever fantasized about being on an exotic beach like this, money, power, he had it all. But at what cost? He had a mansion off the cliff, it was larger than the state's capitol building, but he was the only one to call it home.

His life now is just a blur, and his life fom long ago seems like stories which have been lost in translation. He had loved, and he had lost, over and over again. He lived a prideful life, he didn't know why or with whom, but he was always competing, always trying to prove himself better than everyone else.

He had only been with her for a few months, and that was a lifetime ago, but the pain of that still clung with him. He'd heard whispers of her, she was a mother of three married in some suburb... happy.

He would trade it all in just for her, he always had and always will.

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