Thursday, June 4, 2009

Calendar Remix

A silence falls between them. Each one standing on edge waiting for a response. Minutes pass, feeling like days to each. He reaches to brush the hair from her brow, she turns her head away--forcing him to pull his hand back. At his defeat he stands, puts on his scarf and jacket; he slowly reaches for the door quietly hoping to hear one last plea from her. She turns to her side, his heart jumps... but it's for nothing. She gathers herself and steps out of the room, leaving him with a deafening silence, as he walks out.

She sits at the edge of her bed, afraid to look over her shoulder in fear of catching his glare from the pictures fixed on the wall behind her.

Each day after, she seems to fall deeper and deeper into a consuming darkness. Second guesses and "what-if's" plague her thoughts, as they're the last company she has.

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