Thursday, June 4, 2009

Into The Galaxy

It was Vick's 9:30 class, it just so happened to be a Wednesday. He loathed every morning; going to it meant leaving a warm bed and the body next to him. He would walk down the stairs and start the pot for his coffee, meander over to the sofa and take that extra 5 minutes to zone out. He'd slam his drink as he read the news and hurry into his clothes. He'd toss the ipod on and biked to class.

The journey wasn't long, only about a song's length, often there was some discontent with its briefness. He slid into the bike racks as he skidded over the melting ice -- an inaudible mumble is all that left his lips, as he hit the frame next to him. He locked his bike up, rubbing his bruised thigh and trudged into his class.

He took his seat up front, not that it would matter in a lecture hall of 400. It was his morning Religions class, and they were beginning Christianity, it just so happened to be Ash Wednesday. Vick had never spoke much in class, one's voice in a sea of faces seemed redundant; he'd pay attention, but often times he would just write and listen to his music... On this of all days his professor began to speak with such ignorance, that a quiet studious individual such as Vick, couldn't take it anymore.

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