Wednesday, April 7, 2010


He had been here before; he had felt that feeling of overwhelming euphoria… Endorphins rushing, serotonin pushing, debilitating ecstasy—but never in this situation, never with someone he loved with such wonderment, always curious of her nature. Though curious as she was, she had never found herself in this situation before, not with someone like him, and not with what was in front of them… they swallow the pills, the music goes on, the door closes, and the lights dim.

There is always a connection with people sharing the same experience, only intensified by emotion, and quantity of consumption, they had plenty of both; in that situation constant contact is really the only physical need. As she would run her hands up and down his body he would think of the raw and seemingly prohibited scene he was in, it was too intense to be real, only in some dark carnal desire could he ever conceive something so appropriate.

Hours they spent, exploring each other, finding every overlooked piece inside and out. Their eyes usually closed, not needing to be open…this wasn’t a scene that could be seen, but rather a permanent moment in time that could only be once lived. In his mind as he would trace along her body, he would create a map of the new area, remembering every curve, careful not to miss even a spot—her responses to his touch would keep his attention, making him aware of her desire to be there. With that expressed desire she gave him, he felt invincible, he felt her love.

She would look into his eyes, that gaze was hauntingly beautiful; possessed by passion she was striking, with every move, every breath. She radiated this light, it was perfect and serene, he would look at her and see a divine angel—the heavenly grace he saw to have the compassion and care that had been lost long before. They had no perception of time, reality seemed like a trivial concept, but knowing they had only this one moment, the fought to keep it, knowing that it wouldn’t always be like this.

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