Saturday, June 6, 2009

Days Are Trivial

They sat there on the porch, Clark, head between knees trying to exterminate that last of the alcohol in his system. The other still in a state of unequivocal melancholy.

He saw her when he walked in, and he was relieved to not feel at all. Its an odd state when numbness is more welcoming. It feels like only seconds when he wanted to feel something. But the pain was to engulfing, there was no escape. Hiding in a dark room led to no answers, filling his days with company of friends or strangers left a larger void. The numbness was a welcomed feeling.

She sat next to him, trying to be a friend, but that had the opposite effect. It hurt, it cut deep. He still had no understanding as to why, as to how it could change so drastically. Regrettably it was made clear to him. His fascination of having any chance quickly diminished.

He began to realize how unfortunate his mood effected those around him. He just wanted a channel, someone to talk to, she left, so who'd he have?

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